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Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Press Release

Summary Analysis of Virginia 2018 and 2017 Benchmark Revisions of Nonagricultural Employment and...

The benchmark revision represents a once-a-year realignment, based on March data, of sample-based employment estimates to universe counts of employment derived primarily from Unemployment Insurance tax records. 

Structural Unemployment: A New Measurement and Continuing Discussion of an Elusive Economic...

The aim of this paper is to spark a new debate in the literature by conceptualizing structural unemployment in a way that is more nuanced than current research suggests.

Nonemployer Statistics—An Indicator of Virginia’s “Gig Economy”

This article attempts to provide an indication of Virginia’s “gig economy”—a much discussed but hard to define sector of the economy. This analysis is not a comprehensive look at the “gig economy” and is based solely on nonemployer statistics from the Census. Nonemployer statistics are used to gain insight into this sector of the economy, as many gig workers fit the definition of nonemployers.


Virginia Occupational Career Resource Guide - 2nd Edition


The Virginia Occupational Career Resource Guide is produced by the Virginia Employment Commission to assist students and any other persons who are looking for information to aid them in researching and finding a new career. Information is provided on a variety of career choices, how to plan for a career, education needed to qualify for various jobs, how to apply and interview for jobs, and much more.(The 2nd edition has been updated to include the 2016-2026 occupational projections and the latest wage data from May 2018.)

Career Quarterly - 2nd Quarter 2020

In This Issue: Special COVID-19 Issue


Career Quarterly - 1st Quarter 2020

In This Issue: Finding the best Job Search Sites; Dislocated Worker Definition and Program; Hand laborers and Movers; and more.

What Do I Want to Do When I Grow Up? - Elementary School Level Career Activity Worksheets

NEW Publication

This publication is designed to help young students get a very basic understanding of occupations and careers by correlating their interests with various occupations. Most of these worksheets are for grades 1 and 2, but a few worksheets are advanced enough for grade 3. You can print out and use all the worksheets, or just the ones you think are best suited to the age and skill level of your students/child. (Grades 1-3)

Career Quarterly Newsletter

The Career Quarterly Newsletter provides articles about occupational activity in Virginia, career planning, job seeker advice, and more.


This flyer provides labor market information on occupations in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Interview Tips Poster

 This poster gives helpful tips for preparing for interviews. It is 11" x 17" (tabloid) and can be downloaded and printed.

Exploring Your Career Options - Career Guide Handouts

The six Career Guide Handouts will help you discover your career interests by learning about career clusters, different careers inside those career clusters, education and skills needed, and how to further research a career you might be interested in pursuing. These Handouts are designed especially for students in grades 5 - 8. UDATED (8/19) with latest wage data.

Pocket Resume

The Pocket Resume is a PDF form you can fill out with your education, work history, and references, print, cut and fold. This is a handy resource that you can quickly reference when filling out a job application or preparing for a job interview.

Job Search Tips - 5 Steps to a Successful Job Search

A brochure that provides useful tips for each of the five steps of a successful job search: searching for job openings; tips for resumes; applying online and in-person; interviewing; and follow-up.